Thursday, December 10


im free more book 4 stduding.u know how hapy im hehehe......yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.but i will miss my friends.coz after SPM all of us hav our own comitment :'( .so far i still contec all my friends :D.actuly my exam is already finies on 7 of decmber,but i hav no time to sign in my blog. :I
but yehh i now busy in fb n ms,that coz i realy...realy miss my friends,so i can chat them at there :D
hmmm....the day after spm i n my sibling watch 'New Moon' that i bought mid night quice boring movie actuly...ops sory 4 those who love that movie :p dont angre.latly i alwys wokeup too not early actuly at 12pm hehehe..4 me it too early hehehe;p...after my daddy bought WII game,i n my sibling alwys slape too late, about 2 or 3 or somtime until 4 in morning :D.hahaha but it ok cos my ibu didnt know about this :p...ok i want take my shower now

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