Sunday, December 27

new hobby

this book i already bought at 'badan book store'..i found it when i buzy to cari my novel hihihi....while im waiting my SPM result,mayb i can sell cupcake n more income lol.yeh it just my endeavour for business.anywer this is 1 of my dream...b4 this i dot know how to bake cake =p

n i wish that this cupcake n muffin will be more delicious...

p/s: thnks ibu cos give me some encouragement =D

i hate thiss

what a day....i hav boring christmas day in my life :( so can i say "I hate christmas!!!!":p.i went to rumah atok at muar only couple of days :D..but woooo OMG is toooo boring day:I.."atok do marah2 OKEY"hihihi

my dad offer me to attend drive's class at muar...

dad : take lesan at muar laaa
farah: alaaa.... :( but why?????
dad : at JB no body can take u from home to atend drive's class...
farah: but i can take cab or bus...or i can go with my friends
dad : cannot!!!!i hav my driver at he can take u 4 attend drive's class..anyway ur mum tooo buzy with her job,u can't disturb her...btw ur brothers will start his school nex wek
farah: =( i don't want laaaaa
dad : or i take back my offer so u cannot take any lesan until u finish ur study :D
farah: hmmmm OKEY laaaaa...i accept ur offer...take at muar je la :(
dad : yessss....finely hahahaha
farah: dengkiiiii.....bosan la kt muar...i hate this ergggg

Monday, December 21

hangout with FAMILY..

yehhh best gle :p. my family n i(except my dad),we watch 'AVATAR' movie...i think that are the best movie in year 2009 hehehe..i dream i can be like them :D,they can conect with other livelihood..such as animal...plants n mores hihi..even they BLUE in colour!!! why not,mmg best sngt2..after that we went book shop..guess what?? i bought 4 novel in time,hehehe n i wish i can read all of its,u know what...all of that novel is such a best in world mayb or universel!!!but 2 of them is malay's novel...lagipun all of that novel is limited laaa,so if not..i cant found it on nex time...xpe2, my mom pun nk baca that novel juga :) so it not waste money maa or i guess i can read it again for twice or mayb tripel hahaha...

Thursday, December 17

fever :(

mayb i tired cos had my shopping n holiday in couple of days...guess what??at my left n right side got many tissue which had spead out on my bed haahaha...actuly it was disgusting yekkk.that tissue full of my hingus hahaha...:p

Tuesday, December 15

shoping time..

i went to singapor on sunday :D wow is soooo...hmm i dot know what to say hihihi ibu,her friends n I...all of we is 5 person.we hav shop at orched road :).about 11 hour we had shop,i bought 1 handbag n u'll know at there not like malaysia,i mean its sale...when christmas season hav big big big sale..about 50%-70% so it not tooo expensive OK n i think u'll will never miss this opportunity hehehe....guess what my toes bcome stiff,i think about 4 or 5 time :(.mayb my leg feeling so tired cos i walk too long n we didnt hav any meal lol.we not very confident there food,whether it halal or not errrr..i think that day is a long shop that i hav done, i mean non stop i think i can call it shoping n holiday.....

p/s:thank ayah cos belanja me

Friday, December 11

owh nooo......

when i wake up this morning,i saw big big big pimple on my face...owh no cos this is 1st time tht pimple happend at my cheek :(.b4 this acne alyws exist on my nose only but OMG i cant believe it.u know how disappointed im rghh..this are big...big mama pimple SAD. moreover it make my face very very ugly hahahaha i guess :p

Thursday, December 10


im free more book 4 stduding.u know how hapy im hehehe......yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.but i will miss my friends.coz after SPM all of us hav our own comitment :'( .so far i still contec all my friends :D.actuly my exam is already finies on 7 of decmber,but i hav no time to sign in my blog. :I
but yehh i now busy in fb n ms,that coz i realy...realy miss my friends,so i can chat them at there :D
hmmm....the day after spm i n my sibling watch 'New Moon' that i bought mid night quice boring movie actuly...ops sory 4 those who love that movie :p dont angre.latly i alwys wokeup too not early actuly at 12pm hehehe..4 me it too early hehehe;p...after my daddy bought WII game,i n my sibling alwys slape too late, about 2 or 3 or somtime until 4 in morning :D.hahaha but it ok cos my ibu didnt know about this :p...ok i want take my shower now

Tuesday, December 1

No tittle

elohhhh.....b4 that 'selamat haya raya haji'...time raye haji yg ke-3 adiks2 ku br je nk sunat :p..sori fahim n fazim kakak mu trpkse bocor kn secret:p.Tp an sblum tu my daddy beli kn kteorg(5 siblings) game WII...mmg best gle.sampai tangan ni bengkak2 dh mmg best gle,ceh.....gak2 ny psp n ps2 dh berabuk kot..sbb dh syok sngt :p..Brbalik kpd cite ttg adiks2 ku..dieowg sunat kt rumah neneks at parit jawa,muar...1st tu dieowg nie blagak,ckp x skit konon...but time msuk kt dlm kete time otw nk blik nenek's house tetibe memelele2 air mate..tu lh org tue2 ckp 'ckp besr buruk padah ny!!!hekhekhek...xpe2,korg kuat kn..tengah sakit2 2 sempat lg maen game..
pe2 pn kakakmu nk stdy 4 spm...xnk buang mse melayan kamu2 smue:D