Monday, December 21

hangout with FAMILY..

yehhh best gle :p. my family n i(except my dad),we watch 'AVATAR' movie...i think that are the best movie in year 2009 hehehe..i dream i can be like them :D,they can conect with other livelihood..such as animal...plants n mores hihi..even they BLUE in colour!!! why not,mmg best sngt2..after that we went book shop..guess what?? i bought 4 novel in time,hehehe n i wish i can read all of its,u know what...all of that novel is such a best in world mayb or universel!!!but 2 of them is malay's novel...lagipun all of that novel is limited laaa,so if not..i cant found it on nex time...xpe2, my mom pun nk baca that novel juga :) so it not waste money maa or i guess i can read it again for twice or mayb tripel hahaha...

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