Thursday, February 18


aiyo long time not post :'(..miss u blogger muahkxxx ('*') last saturday(13.2.10) was abg arol's weading reception at shah alam..sooo happning n boleh melepas kn rindu at all my cozen..miss they themmm much :D lame xjumpe

n the next thersday on 18.2.10 we'll went genting...juzt take some rest after buzy work

n we'll shoping bnyk2 bnyk2 bnyk2 =D

Monday, February 1

superduper happy

hope that title is suitable for this post..hurmm after past my computer test i continer my teory class it take about 3 hours,,then nex 2 days uncle burn call n take a crazy drive..yehhh it soosoooo funnn n this is my 1st time,,so excited :D) +++ i guess mayb tht uncle alwys says "ishhh bdk ni asik mati enjin je..trok la aku sepak kang br taw" la he such a kind men n abg ipin too..+++ i can imbang at bukit n take a parking place with 1 kali ajar.. soooo bagus teee...whtever la..after 1 wekk uncle burn call n told me tht 'L' lecens alredy siap..but till now that lecens belum bg lg...n i still waiting menn..when u want come to my house lol..ape daa.
hurm i guess he alredy feadup cos about 10 time he call me but that time my hpn on silence
:( sooo sorry men..KESIAN ..i know u alwys care about ur ank buah knn knn...syg uncle burn huhu(no idea)