Sunday, December 27

i hate thiss

what a day....i hav boring christmas day in my life :( so can i say "I hate christmas!!!!":p.i went to rumah atok at muar only couple of days :D..but woooo OMG is toooo boring day:I.."atok do marah2 OKEY"hihihi

my dad offer me to attend drive's class at muar...

dad : take lesan at muar laaa
farah: alaaa.... :( but why?????
dad : at JB no body can take u from home to atend drive's class...
farah: but i can take cab or bus...or i can go with my friends
dad : cannot!!!!i hav my driver at he can take u 4 attend drive's class..anyway ur mum tooo buzy with her job,u can't disturb her...btw ur brothers will start his school nex wek
farah: =( i don't want laaaaa
dad : or i take back my offer so u cannot take any lesan until u finish ur study :D
farah: hmmmm OKEY laaaaa...i accept ur offer...take at muar je la :(
dad : yessss....finely hahahaha
farah: dengkiiiii.....bosan la kt muar...i hate this ergggg

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