Tuesday, December 15

shoping time..

i went to singapor on sunday :D wow is soooo...hmm i dot know what to say hihihi :p.my ibu,her friends n I...all of we is 5 person.we hav shop at orched road :).about 11 hour we had shop,i bought 1 handbag n shose...as u'll know at there not like malaysia,i mean its sale...when christmas season hav big big big sale..about 50%-70% so it not tooo expensive OK n i think u'll will never miss this opportunity hehehe....guess what my toes bcome stiff,i think about 4 or 5 time :(.mayb my leg feeling so tired cos i walk too long n we didnt hav any meal lol.we not very confident there food,whether it halal or not errrr..i think that day is a long shop that i hav done, i mean non stop OK..so i think i can call it shoping n holiday.....

p/s:thank ayah cos belanja me

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