Thursday, January 7


owhh so long time i did't post anything at my blog..quick buzy laaa

okey let me start...

i went to is sooo great!!!!we went sentosa island but tht place so boring.hmm then we take singapor flyer,it juz same like london ice but not eye on malaysia OKEY!!!xsame pn+mmg jauh beza pn...i can see singapor island...i mean i can't imegin how happy im =D

after singapor we went to kL pulak..hihi sooo tired :( ..but it ok cos i can smbut this new year at there :) but at last we juz smbut at hotel room je...hehehe..cos we arive too late+we'll so tired!!!besides tomoro we plant to take some reast at sunwy lagoon...hmm b4 this we plant went genting.but i guess mayb sooo many people at there

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! after brkfst we went sunway lagoon...yehh it hav 5 team amazing hahaha + it not too hot mcm nk hujan but it can't be..memang i not too woried about my skin hihi...u know what???sunway lagoon ON until night...yahooo!!! at night we get in ghost scary,i alwys scream like crazy pople hahaha...guess what??all kind of ghost is reall people they all alwys takotkn i taw...cos only me yg asik jerit jew..hahaha takot laaa..wthver la org lain xkisah pn i jerit....lg dieorg ketawe mcm org gile :p

after brkfst we'll went to KLCC juz windo shoping but i think is not realy hihi...cos i want bought something at there actualy brother want get into petrosains but then cancled...actuly my sunglass already patah :( so my ibu offer to buy the new one..wahhh best ny :) my ibu choose guess branded which hav 50% discoun...wahh best nyyyy =D),,,,
at night is abg arol weading(coszen)...yehh i can meet alll my cozen...miss them soo much :P when i arive,all people trkejut mcm kne eletrik cos i taller + cos i wearing hill hihi....actuly they all jeloez cos i taller then them n i look like model hha i guess soo...wht ever laa...actualy i soo excited cos tomoro i will wearing new sunglass hihihi.... :p

p/s : thanks u sooo muchhh ayah...i love u muaxxx

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